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5 Best South Indian Restaurants in New York

5 of the South Indian Restaurants in New York

Why eat South Indian food in New York? What’s so good about South Indian food? Indian food is full of delicious recipes of hot spicy foods which give the vibe of home food and also of once again feeling after eating one time. Indian food also has so many dishes which are not even a little spicy or just plain dishes that will give you the vibe of a sick person but are rich in nutrition.

Blending Indian cuisine is the perfect texture if someone knows Indian Species. Without the full knowledge of species, no one can make a simple dish correctly.Talking about particular South Indian food is different from the North Indian fusions, and the reason behind it is spiciness and vegetation there are different from the Northern part. There are many dishes in the whole of India, and it’s not possible to offer all the cuisines at a particular place that’s why North Indian restaurants are different from South Indian restaurants in any foreign country or also in India.

South Indian food of original dishes like Dosa with masala and coconut chutney, Idli, and many other dishes is related to what grows there. New York offers different cuisines of South India and you get the vibes of a South India visit, and you will feel the vibes of spicy food there. There are thousands of South Indian restaurants increasing due to the demand for South Indian food. So, let’s discuss 5 of the best South Indian restaurants in New York.

List of 5 Best South Indian Restaurants in New York

The chefs of New York are picturing the South Asian community and have developed their cuisine. South Indian food menu is taking place at newly established restaurants as these are turning into the regional fare. Not only South Indian food but there are other regional foods also served at New York restaurants. New York has lively streets, beautiful architecture, and various kinds of cuisines. On the street of New York, Indian cuisine is abundant.

You will get comfy homemade food there, and all dishes are flavor-packed, which gives you a delicious feeling about Indian food. Some of the best dishes of South India that you can taste are Dosa, Idli, Vada, Uttapam, Rasam, Sambar, Biryani, Payasam, Chicken Chettinad, Hyderabadi Biryani, and many other dishes too.You can taste these dishes flavored with Indian species on the Streets of New York and in many restaurants that are particularly famous for South Indian food.

There you can have healthy and nutritious food, with unique flavors and spices, a variety of dishes, and here you can also get the cultural experience and one of the best things is that everyone or dietary people get all preferred foods like vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free, or dairy-free dishes. So, let’s check out 5 of the South Indian Restaurants in New York where you can get all your preferred food.

1. Semma

Semma means in Tamil is fantastic, and it was indeed true to the dishes of this restaurant. It is one of the best South Indian restaurants in New York, opened on October 12, 2021, by Seema Sharma. Vijay Kumar is one of the chefs at Semma, and he left his position as chef at a restaurant in California. In this restaurant, Roni Mazumdar and Chintan Pandya give you the soul of Southern India, with Chef Vijay Kumar conducting the charge.

This restaurant is probing the heritage of Southern Indian cuisines and Chef Vijay brings the home vibes in food (Tamil Nadu) that brings the personal and authentic moments of farm life on ancestral land to the plate with volatile flavors and provincial ingredients.

Menu: Specify the menu of this restaurant is started with small plates of Mulaikattiya Thaniyam, Kollu Rasam, Uzhavar Santhai Poriyal, Nathai Pirattal, Eral Thokku, and in medium plates you can order Seasonal Uttappam, Kudal Varuval, Gunpower Dosa, Mangalore Huukosu, Attu Kari Sukka.

On large plates, you can order the Mirchi ka Salan, Kaikari kurma, meen Pollichathu, Valiya Chemmeen moilee, Kozhi Allepey, Chettinad maan, goanese oxtail, Dindigul Biryani and sides you will get are Kal dosa, Parotta, Ponni Rice, Coconut Rice and in drinks, you can get the wines, beers, and many fruit beers.

Address: 60 Greenwich Avenue, NY 10011 (New York)

2. Saravanaa Bhavan

In 1981 Mr. P. Rajagopal founded and is one of the best South Indian Restaurants in New York. It delivers delectable dining and takeout to additional locations in the US as Saravanaa Bhavan and is recognized for its tasty Indian cuisine, outstanding services, and pleasant staff. It’s a contemporary understanding of classic dishes and its declaration on only using high-quality fresh elements. It’s famous around New York, California, and other cities too.

Menu: The menu of this restaurant has a wide variety of dishes as I can’t say all the dishes here, and on average you will get 350 dishes in ten categories, designed to strict standards and conforming the best to consumers across all the venues.

Some of the categories of the menu are appetizers of south Indian cuisines, Dosa corners with multiple side dishes of chutneys & Sambar, Uthappams, Bread Corners, Thalis, Rice Corners, Sides, Desserts, and beverages of multiple drinks and beers. For more, you can visit their official website and check out what you want to eat.

Address: 413 Amsterdam Ave, NY 10024
Phone: (212) 721-7755

3. NY Dosas

A person immigrant from Shri Lanka Thiru Kumar make his passion as a center for thousands of people in New York. This is one of the best South Indian restaurants in New York. When he came to this beautiful city he do many core jobs and then eventually decided to make delicious food.

He found this first-ever vegetarian and vegan pushcart and you can know its fame by knowing that he also won the prize as Vendy Award for outstanding food. Many want vegan food but sometimes they didn’t get the same. So, here is one of the options to eat vegan food.

Menu: Here you will your preferred food the menu is limited but not as much as you think they offer different dishes from south India that are Dosa and Uthappam and here you can eat all types of dishes with a cup of sambar and a side of coconut chutney and other dishes are Masala Dosa, Special Pondicherry, Mixed Vegetable Uthappam, and other lunches include the Idly Lunch, Jaffna, Roti & Veg, Singapore Noodles.

Here you will get the Samosa Vegan Drumsticks and for all types of lunches and food, you can get a sip of 40 different types of drinks of your preference. One of the best things is that you don’t have to wait for more to get to the window and has preferred dish or appetizers.

Address: 50 Washington Square South, NY 10014
Phone: (917) 710-2092

4. Kuttanadan Indian Restaurant

One of the best South Indian Restaurants in New York and they offer a great menu with delicious food to all customers you can make your preference here and all the thing is that their ingredients are fresh and from direct to the farm and they offer the variety of cuisine with multiple beverages option. Must try this restaurant and give a review.

Menu: Here you can eat different dishes appetizers of south India, Seafood Appetizers, Chicken Entrees, Duck Entrees, Mutton Entrees, Lamb Entrees, Pork Entrees, Beef Entrees, Seafood Entrees, Vegetarian Entrees, Eggs, Biryani, Fried Rice, Indian Breads, Kerala Specialties along with the multiple drinks. For more menus, you can visit their official website and you can also order food from their website.

Address: 248-54 Jericho Turnpike, Floral Park, NY 11001 (New York)
Phone: (516) 305-5083

5. Ananda

One of the best South Indian Restaurants in New York is Ananda founded by the Brothers Keir and Binda Singh. The motto of this restaurant is to provide happiness through delicious food and authentic Indian dishes that have brought delight to many generations. All of their dishes percolate the fragrance and flavor of a comfy Indian kitchen, organized freshly when orders come from healthful raw elements.

They also offer wedding catering, rehearsal dinners, anniversary parties, birthday parties, corporate celebrations, conferences, and meeting dinners for lunch. They have private space for this and you can also rent that and get a group of 8 to 250 people.

Menu: Here you can eat delicious food with appetizers and inform the staff if you had allergic to any ingredient. You can also order vegan and Gluten-free dishes and Jain food is also available. All Indian dishes are here, Samosa, Idli, and many others like Pav bhaji, you can also have soups and salads, and here you can see the Dosa Corner which offers different types of Dosa which gives the vibes of South India.

Uppttam, north Indian curries, all special vegetable sabzi, and many other dishes. You can also find the full thali menu where you can eat food as many dishes on one plate. Beverages, drinks, beers, and desserts are all the part of menu for more visit their website and find the preferred dishes.

Address: 210 Thompson St, NY 10012
Phone: (212) 533-7290


Here are 5 of the South Indian restaurants in New York which deliver the most delicious cuisines of India as you already know how diverse India is and how their food can be manifold if you want to taste Indian cuisines. You can visit there but before that compare the price too as we give the website link in each name and pre-decide the dish otherwise you will confuse about the cuisines what to choose and for more visit India and after that, you will know how much vast Indian food will be, and many other things to see there.

For more engaging topics visit our official page, and read a variety of blogs that are way more gripping. Remember to share your thoughts on this topic and tell which South Indian dish you love the most. Also, mention your experience with any South Indian restaurant where you eat the food.

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