10 Most Valuable Antique Punch Bowls Worth Money 

10- L. E. Smith Galaxy Punch Bowl Set Fifteen Pieces

9- Antique Punch Bowl Carnival Glass With Pedestal and Peacock Design and Marigold Color

8- Antique Engraved Glass Gold Glit Moser Punch Bowl with Cups

7- Antique Carnival Glass Punch Bowl With Grape Design 11 piece

6- EP Japan Silver Punch Bowl Set With Tray, 12 cups, and Ladle

5- Fine Enameled Painted Punch Bowl Set

4- Castilian by Tiffany and Co Sterling Silver Monteith Punch Bowl

3- 19th Century Enamelled Moser Punch Bowl Set

2- Towle Sterling Silver Punch Bowl and Cups with Turquoise Enamel

1- Antique Frank W Smith Punch Bowl Centerpiece American Sterling Silver

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