Top 5 Things Collectors Want to See on Next Years Coins 

1.) More Real Women (Lady Liberty does not count!)

As much as I love all the Lady Liberty designs, she seems to be the default woman to put on coins. 

Any real woman that gets on a coin is put on the rarely circulating dollar coins.

2.) Animals 

The 2020 American Samoa quarter with the two bats on it was a huge hit with the public! I even heard non-numismatists talking about how much they loved that design.

3.) Deeper Relief

This is due to changes in the way coins are minted. It is likely cheaper for the mint to produce coins with less exaggerated reliefs.

4.) Continuing West Point Mint Marks

Since the West Point mint marks began in 2019, I have found only 3 West Point quarters

5.) Creative Proof Sets

I absolutely adore proof sets. It feels very special to have coins in pristine condition that are stored safely. However, I wish proof sets were better built for displaying.